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Here's what I offer


Demystify, debunk, differentiate.

Whether it's a persistent medical condition, a newly diagnosed ailment, or the commitment to oneself of investing time and energy into self-improvement, there are bumps in the road and detours that we do not anticipate.  These obstacles may be in the form of a lack of care, a lack of clarity, or a lack of courage to go it alone.  There is so much health and wellness information to digest that it it's easy for overwhelm to set in, especially when it starts to seem contradictory from source to source.  Times like these it helps to have someone on your side.


Modify, mediate, map.

A health ally is what I'm offering.  Someone who is in your corner to help you regroup or give you a pep-talk and send you back out there poised to succeed.  When you haven't had the time to fully tell your health story and how it's impacting you every, single, day, there's room for that.  When you need help managing test results, appointment referrals, and treatment plans, there's time for that.  My job is to educate.  That's first and foremost.  What is happening now?  What does it mean? What's the next step?  Together we can strive to create a mutual learning environment.  You teach me about where you've been and where you want to go, and I'll teach you how to get there.


Identify, individualize, improve.

If this is your initial venture into the realm of naturopathic medicine, chances are you don't know who we are or what we do.  Our training includes treatment methods that we share with a variety of health care providers, from muscle work and skeletal adjustments, through botanical medicine and nutrition, to laboratory investigations and pharmaceutical prescriptions.  What's important is not the laundry list of treatments that we are trained in, but how these treatment options can help you.

  • Nutrition counselling that allows your food to be your medicine with every meal

  • Laboratory investigation to elucidate the cause and integrate information

  • Botanical medicine combinations that are tailor-made for you

  • Annual physical exams and check-ups to ensure things are tip-top

  • Custom high-dose nutrient and anti-oxidant therapy via intravenous (IV) or intramuscular injections (IM)

  • Additions or subtractions to your pharmaceutical medication regiment

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